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Jenna Ebsen RN

Registered Nurse & Beauty Bartender

I have been a Nurse for 24 years!  I love the process of helping anyone from a place of feeling badly, physically, or emotionally.  I work hard using my education, my experience and my strong commitment to bring my patients to a place where they are smiling and feeling better.   When they leave my care their head is up, they possess a confidence and contentment that was lacking or almost absent when they arrived.    That process I just explained is what makes me love being a nurse in any capacity.
I spent 6 years working on a Medical/Surgical floor and then moved to a RN “float”  where I worked Ortho, Neuro, OB/GYN post surgical, Peds, and Infectious Disease.  A lot of medical but also a lot of social/emotional issues that patients and families face.  I learned in my 23 years…it’s never JUST medical issues that need treatment and support.
When I was about 37 I began noticing the effects of aging skin on my own face.    At the time, I had two small children and was sleep deprived as it was and felt I always looked exhausted or angry no matter what I did or how much make up I used.   I put the decision off for so long as I didn’t want to spend the money.  At some point, it was bothering me enough to just head in for consultation and I am glad I did!  I began receiving Botox injections in The Glabellar region and then as time went on, I added my forehead and crows feet.   I love the challenge.   I am thriving on all of this and am SO excited to be a part of offering these services to young moms, middle aged women, women who are now deciding they finally want to do something for themselves.   OF course, MEN TOO!  Get in here!  Aging skin effects men physically and emotionally, too.
I want The Beauty Bar to be a place of comfort, reprieve and open conversation about aging.     I have found patients  want to share their feelings about  issues that surround how aging facial appearance makes them feel.  It really effects how people, myself included, function in their daily lives, how they feel they are perceived etc.    We are ALL there….we are all aging and my Beauty Bar is a place where you will receive great treatments that are safe and effective, but you will leave feeling in good company and most important…….better!  Uplifted!  That helps you look more beautiful in and of itself.  
Come see me.  I’m happy to start with a conversation and go from there.


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Can’t recommend her enough!

“Jenna is THE BEST! She is extremely passionate about what she does and it shows in the way she interacts and takes care of you during your appointment. Can’t recommend her enough!”
– Sara A.

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